Films seen on the flight home from Japan

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10 Rounds
Whilst chasing a major felon, an American cop accidentally gets the felon’s girlfriend killed in a road accident. When the felon escapes prison, he kidnaps the cop’s girlfriend. The rest of the film follows the felon’s attempt to challenge the cop to 10 rounds of puzzle-solving across the city. Can’t remember any of the actors’ names, which says a lot about the fil…zzzzzzzz.

A wholly predicable movie in every sense. Mediocre acting and a plot with so many holes in it, it should be called ‘colander cop’.
Night at the Museum 2 – The Battle for the Smithsonian
Ben Stiller and the whole cast reprise their roles from the first film only this time the whole thing is on a larger scale. Special effects are good, but the storyline was painfully thin. The typical American happy ending was enough to make me choke on my chopsticks! One for the family at Christmas only.
Crank 2: High Voltage
A really violent film with language to match. Definitely not one for the family. A very similar story-line to the original movie with Jason Statham having his heart forcibly removed and his attempts to track it down. Don’t watch this if you don’t like the sight of blood – yuk! The scene where one of the bad guys has to remove both of his nipples with a machete gives you an idea of what to expect! A horrible film (but I watched it anyway!)
Fast and Furious
Based loosely on the first film of a similar name, Vin Diesel reprises his role as a bad-guy with a heart-of-gold infiltrating the bad-guys to get his revenge on a friend’s killing. Lots of fast cars, well co-ordinated stunts and women wandering around with very little on! Plot-wise, it won’t stretch the grey-matter, but the chase scenes will no doubt look good in HD
Starring Clive Owen and Julia Roberts, the film is about two spies who decide to scam a big pharmaceuticals company. Full of twists and turns and a plot that is best appreciated anywhere other than on a 12-hour flight suffering from jet-lag! Make sure you watch it right to the end for the twist!


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