TV: Torchwood – ‘Children of Earth’

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The main cast “When every single child on Earth stops, Torchwood is thrown into terror…”

Torchwood began on BBC1 last night and made its transition seamlessly to the main channel. Unusually though, the series is being shown over five consecutive nights and there has already been speculation in some newspapers that the cast were very unhappy with the series being ‘chopped’ to just five episodes. Personally, I think this structure will set a trend for future programmes – it’s certainly a great way to boost audience figures in a single week.

That aside, the script and performances were typically BBC1 prime-time, and of a tone was very much like the very best revived Doctor Who episodes. In other words, it was all much (much) better than the majority of the previous two Torchwood series in my view. The story-line and narrative sat well with both devotees and casual viewers, switching on for the first time.

Although the scene where Captain Jack kissed Ianto was a bit yukky and unnecessary, this was typical of RTD’s approach to promoting the gay agenda but he’s forgiven for creating such a great start to this mini-series. 🙂 

Roll-on episode 2 (but we’ll be out, so I’ll catch it on Sky+ on Wednesday).


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