TV: Ashes to Ashes – Series 2, Final Episode

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Tonight was the night for the final episode. Just before I posted this blog, I learned that there WILL be a third series. I’d guessed there might be as there seemed just too many loose-ends to clear-up in the final episode.

Things took an interesting turn when I accidentally deleted the recording from our sky-box – bugger! Thank heavens for the BBC iPlayer!

Well, all-in-all a really good episode – possibly the best one this series. I especially liked the intro-piece featuring Gene Hunt reading on Jackanory and the two references to the character Sam Tyler was a nice touch and fitted well with the overall story-arc.

Slightly more unusual for this episode (and the series in general) was the style of humour used. There was this joke about the fish and chip owner’s testicles being cut off and deep fried! Cut to the scene where the character Ray Carling tucking into a suggestively-shaped sausage!!!

And at last, we learned the secret of ‘Operation Rose’ and that ended the mystery nicely.

The ending where Alex Drake wakes up in the present day only to see Gene Hunt on the hospital TV and monitors gave an interesting ending and much to ponder on until series 3 in 2010.

Well done then, the writers and actors who delivered this episode with style, confidence and total conviction (no pun intended!)

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