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I don’t normally feel compelled to comment on a TV series when they’re mid-season, but Being Human is an exception in my book.

We’re now up to episode 5 – the final episode is next week – and the BBC ‘Being Human ‘Blog is buzzing!

Here is what one blogger said:

This is the best thing to be shown on the BBC for a very, very (very) long time. I can’t remember the last time I watched a series on the edge of my seat. The acting has been nothing less than superb throughout from the three lead actors and the support cast too. If this isn’t picked-up for a second season there just ain’t no justice! ..and what about a switch to BBC2?  11 out of 10 BBC – This is worth the Licence fee on its own!

…it was me actually!

If this doesn’t become a major fantasy series on-par with Doctor Who, Torchwood and Heroes (well, maybe not Heroes – but that’s another blog for another time), then I’ll be very surprised!

For me, the strongest actor by-far is Lenora Crichlow who plays the ghost, Annie.

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