The Benefits of having kids/Chinese by Candlelight/DVD: Edge of Darkness

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We’re still covered in snow here, so we decided that at some point we’d have to clear the drive to get the car out for later in the week.

Ahh, the benefits of having kids – watching them grow, acting as a 24/7 taxi service for them in their teens, providing financial support with no interest payments. But, best of all, they show their true colours by clearing the drive when it’s covered in snow!! Pity we don’t have kids then!!!!

Our drive was looking very different from most others in the Close – sprogs had been out in force clearing their own drives..and we were looking very much ‘the-odd-drive-out’. So we spent a couple of hours in two phases, trying to clear the snow. By the end of the day, it was a lot better, but nowhere near as clear as everyone else’s. Weather permitting, I’ll need to have another go tomorrow.

Ann spent the rest of the day (or what seemed like it) catching-up with the ironing – including 20+ shirts of mine!

In the evening, we had a candle-lit dinner consisting of a Chinese takeaway from Sainsburys. I’m sorry to say, we both found it very disappointing.

Edge of Darkness

We started to watch ‘Edge of Darkness’ starring Bob Peck and Joe Don Baker on DVD. This is the BBC six-part series that won loads of BAFTAs back in the 80s and is considered to be the ‘father’ of most political/conspiracy based thrillers. It has a cracking sound-track by Eric Clapton. We only watched episode 1, but we’ll watch the remaining five episodes over the next few weeks.

Apparently, there is going to be remake of the series in 2009 as a film starring Mel Gibson.

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