Christmas Day 2008

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We woke to cold but dry day. We’d both slept badly – too hot- must be the virus!

Mum was up first, followed by me, Ann appeared a while later! πŸ™‚ We all a light breakfast and then attacked the Christmas pressys!

Because we’ve both been poorly, we didn’t have all the pressys round the tree because we hadn’t got around to pick them up

Lee and Bertie (weren’t able to join us because they’re preparing to move house)
Update 22 March 2009: We’ve been over to see them this weekend!
Box of minty chocolates
Blue Shirt

Lynx shower-gel
25 quid’s worth of John Lewis vouchers
Avon ‘Midnight’ after-shave

Jo and Janet
Stacking plastic bowls
Molton Brown bubble-bath

A double-chocolate-orange cakes
Bottle of Cabernet Shiraz

Mae and Denis (couldn’t join us as Denis is now unable to drive in the dark. Still we’re seeing them tomorrow at theirs)

25 quid’s worth of Boot’s Vouchers
Book – “Writer’s Tale” by Russell T Davies

Bev (Couldn’t join us because she was due to travel down with Mae and Denis)

10 quid’s worth of iTunes Vouchers

Roger, Jane and Oliver
2 bottles of organic ale + glass
Blu-Ray DVD – Iron Man

Set of 4 Le Creuset mini-casserole dished

Ann to me
Blu-Ray DVD – Pixar Shorts
Book – “i before e” by Judy Parkinson
Book – “My Grammar and I” by Caroline Taggart & J A Wines
Book – “Beginning CCS web-development’
Orange t-shirt ‘DrunknMunky’

Ann pressies from me
Wind-proof umbrella
Bobbi Brown foundation and brush
‘I Love You’ paper-weight
2 x chocolate cook-books
Book – Pompeii
Sheepskin slippers
CD – Hayley Westenra ‘River of Dreams: The Best of…’
Best of Matt 2008

From Migs to Biscuit and Bon-Bon
2x play-mice
Pack of chicken strips

We sat down to lunch at around 1.30. Roast Turkey with all the traditional accompaniments (minus the sprouts ugh!!!). For dessert we tried the new Christmas pudding with cherries soaked in kirsch. It was all superb and with only three of us – and two cats, the washing-up was very manageable!

With all the washing-up done that left us 5 minutes before the Queen’s Speech – perfect timing!

The next significant event on the TV (for me anyway) was The Doctor Who Christmas Special. It didn’t disappoint, although the ‘animals with a cyberman head’ just looked like people in fluffy costumes with err…a cyberman head!

Then, as most Christmasses, we just lounged in front of the box (although Ann was keeping an eye on the Internet for early signs of bargains). EastEnders, Wallis and Gromit, EastEnders…then at 9.30 we all crashed out.

We’re off to Denis and Mae’s for Boxing Day lunch tomorrow.

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