PaintShield – Great! O2 – Not Great!

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I drove up to Grantham today to PaintShield to have the film reapplied to frontal area of the car as well as the off-side wing. Nice job guys and gals thanks! ..and thanks for your hospitality too!

stellar Boo to O2! My phone went wrong last night and I was surprised to learn that they don’t replace that particular model – the Stellar -anymore! I hadn’t counted on that! I have all the data backed-up and no phone to restore it all to. O2 said they don’t the sell the phone anymore either and my only hope was to take it into an O2 shop and have it repaired. So I drove into Kettering and put the phone into intensive care. It was slightly irritating to see my phone on display there – albeit a dummy phone. Looks like it could be 5-10 days in hospital..and there’s no guarantee that they’ll repair it…but they’ll let me know. Time for Plan B – eBay! I found one going for 160, which is a good price, so I’m bidding as we speak. Fingers crossed.

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