The Cecilian Singers’ Carol Concert

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programme2008 I joined Val and David at The Cecilian Singers‘ Christmas Carol Concert in Leicester tonight. This is becoming a regular thing (we went last year and the year before that) and it’s a brilliant way to get us all in the mood for Christmas. Val and I travelled there in my car because Ann was resting at home (with her cold) and David, as normal, was singing in the choir, so he had to get there earlier.

The format of the evening was different this year. Instead of a guest of some-sort, there were readings, poems, and individual musical-pieces sung by individuals and smaller groups from the choir. Sue Strong was particularly good – her voice lived-up to her surname! and the male-voice octet was excellent.

In fact they all did very well, given two significant disappointments:

  • Their Pianist let them down at the last minute and they had to find a substitute
  • The venue’s PA system developed a mind if its own towards the end of the performance and crackled-away causing a lot of frustration both sides of the piano. Apparently it couldn’t even be turned-off!

We got back around 11.25.

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