Film: Quantum of Solace

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With expectations for this film off the scale, it’s almost certain that it wouldn’t exceed, or even meet everyone’s!

If seat availability at our local Odeon is anything to go by (we couldn’t get tickets until the 11am performance on Saturday, and it came out on Thursday), then I think it’s certainly a popular choice for lots of people round here.

Well, what did we think of it? A good story overall with some very credible acting from all parties. However, it all felt a bit too-gritty …and it was certainly pretty violent. There is also this trend now with action scenes for the camera NOT to quite keep up with the action – I suppose it’s designed to make it all feel more spontaneous and unpredictable. Trouble is, the down-side is that you sometimes miss what’s going on – and that defeats the object doesn’t it?

For me, there wasn’t enough of the Aston Martin – a short scene at the start that left it door-less on the passenger side – and that was it. Not many sex-scenes either – blink and you missed them!!!

All-in-all, a slightly disappointing film with not enough action, too much talking and an over-emphasis of Bond’s internal rather than external battles.



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