Trip to Worthing

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We drove to Worthing today too have lunch with Ian and Sharon and to attend a ‘charity do’ that they’re involved in.

We didn’t visit Mum on the way through as she’s got some sort of bug and so have we. None of us wanted to share!

We stopped off at Pease Pottage Services at around 10.30 for a burger and coffee and we got into Worthing at 11.30ish. The weather looked good when started shopping, but turned into a violent storm on the way back to the car.

We headed to Ian and Sharon’s and after a quick chat headed off for lunch. On their recommendation, we tried out a tea-shoppe type place a short drive away. It was very busy, but we got a table just as another party was leaving.

The food was plentiful – especially the salad – it beat Ann and me!

After lunch, we popped into a local Stationers to pick up some bits and pieces for my Workshop on Monday.

We were both knackered and headed for the B and B around 2.30. Trouble was, we were too early and no-one was in! So, we snoozed in the car for an hour or so and tried again at 3.30. Success! We checked in and went to bed. We got up at 5.15 to get ready for the event tonight.

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