Meal with David and Val

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We drove over to Wollaston tonight to the ‘Wollaston Inn’.

A short journey of about 30 minutes got us there in plenty of time. It was an unusual setting with the Restaurant ‘bolted on’ to the side of the Pub. It looks as if the restaurant may once have been a Bank or something similar.

The Pub was busy and so was the Restaurant, so we went straight to our table. Things got off to an interesting start when Val set light to her menu! A combination of the menu being almost the same size as Wollaston itself and table-candle that was just too close. It left the menu with a bite-size-chunk out of the top – and we were pleased – no, surprised! – to see it being used again for a couple who arrived later! Funnily enough, the menu-on-fire didn’t seem to attract the staffs’ attention, so maybe it happens a lot!

The food was pretty good ( Ann and David – Liver; Val -Lamb; and me: Venison), but the service was so sloooooooow! A combination of the waiting staff not having very good English-speaking skills and the general lack of any staff smiling left us all feeling a bit disappointed with the experience and a general feeling that there was something ‘strange’ about the place – the atmosphere just felt weird and we couldn’t quite put our finger on, why! The prices too, were on the high side – £4 for a coffee is a bit steep for this area.

I don’t think we’ll be going back. It’s a shame, but we feel you need a combination of things to make a restaurant work – swift service, happy staff and more..and not just good food!


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