Nabucco/Party I/Party II

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I went into town to pick up my watch – Nabucco – it looks like they can’t mend it which seems ridiculous! I’m going to write to Raymond Weil to see if they can sort things out. Seems crazy that because they can’t fix the strap, the watch is useless.

Party and Party

We’re off to Ian’s for his 60th retirement party tonight – I can’t believe he’s finally shutting-up shop. We seem to have known each other forever, and I’m going to miss him being around in our business-world.

On the way home from Ian’s we popped round to Karen and Paul’s to celebrate Rosi’s birthday. We arrived arounf 11.50. Everyone was there including Trish and John, who we haven’t seen for ages. Tom surprised us – literally – by creeping up on us dressed as Spiderman – he’s such a laugh..

We eventually got to bed around 1.45 am!!! I think we’re going to be shattered tomorrow!!!

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