Productive Saturday!

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Another glorious weekend, weather-wise…

Phew! Drove over the Peterborough to get my hair cut. Came back. We then took Bon-Bon to the pussy parlour (first time the two cats have been apart) for a bath, dry and brush.

Drove back to Peterborough. Stopped of at Jane and Micks for a quick coffee. We then went to John Lewis’s to look at TVs and we also bought the lights for the bedroom and managed to get the fabric for the dining-room chairs too!

Picked Bon-Bon up on the way back. Apparently she hates the bath as much as she ever has!

..and then some gardening where we started to do the annual draining of the pond. In theory, it should have been easy this year as we would try out the new electric pnd draining pump I bought a few months back. No such luck as it ran for a few minutes and kept tripping the fuse box! Bugger…back to the old method of connecting the fountain pump up in reverse and pumping out the water that way. Same principle but 50 times as slow as the newer method! Still better than doing it by bucket loads!!!

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