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Wow, what a great start to the weekend! – NOT!

Firstly a(nother) speeding summons through in the post. This time it was in Daventry last Wednesday – 35 in a 30 limit! From what I recall, it was a mobile speed camera van. Uniquely, there seems to be an option whereby you the offender MAY be offered a ‘Driver Safety Workshop’ for 60 pounds and the benefit is you don’t get any points on your Licence. You can’t request this option, as there’s a strict set of (undisclosed) criteria that allow Northamptonshire Ticketing Office to determine whether it’s offered as an alternative. Here’s hoping!

The strange thing was, the Road Angel didn’t give any warning. I’ll be speaking with them next week. Ironically, they are based in Daventry!

Next, I managed to scuff an alloy (front nearside) parking in town, whilst we were out shopping for a mirror for the single bedroom and a picture for the ‘Den’.

..and when I took the car into Kwik-Fit to have the alloy swapped for spare ‘good’ one, I found that both tyres needed replacing!! Argghhhh!

On a more positive note, we look like we’ve found a suitable venue for ‘afternoon tea’ event for my 50th. The Corn Exchange in town.

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