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We took Mum off for a long weekend to Rye, staying at the ‘Most Haunted Hotel in Britain’ (apparently) – The Mermaid Inn. About the only scary thing was the stairs and trying to park safely in the car park! (Always busy and very small!)

The food was excellent, and so were the staff!

I haven’t been to Rye since I was a kid and the memory of ‘small cobbled streets’ was dashed somewhat by the busy high street, double yellow lines and virtually nowhere to park. I also don’t recall the turnings into side streets being so tight!

…it felt quite strange driving to the hotel with two wheels on the pavement and two wheels on the road!

…but a great experience and good weather too (which wasn’t forecasted)

Pity about the A21 coming back! Can someone PUR-LEAZE have a collection and build some more dual carriageways between the coast and Tonbridge!…thank you!!!

..and if thee’s any left over, give it to the town of Hastings which along the sea front doesn’t look as if anyone has spend any money on it since, well, 1066! Sorry Hastings, but it does look like you need a makeover

A few more photographs HERE

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