Christmas Blog 2004

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Wow! Excellent pressies…

From Ann
Book – Lost for Words – John Humphries
Book – The Cracking CodeBook – Simon Singh
Book – The Making of Memory – Steven Rose
A natty set of platinum cufflinks
A Ninette Brush for the intended new car!
A nice shirt
Two nice tops

From Mum
A set of military paperbacks

From Roger and Jane
A document holder
A rather nice purple tie

From Lee and Humberto
Book – The best a Man can Get
Key case

From Bev and Simon
DVD – Fahrenheit 911

From Jo and Janet
Book – A Short History of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson
An electric steamer

From Carol
A chopsticks set

From Mae and Denis
DVD – Donnie Darko
DVD – Day after Tomorrow

From Ian
A Chocolate Computer, Keyboard and Mouse

From Mags
Book – The PocketBook of Patrionism

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