A Flaw in our Kitchen Plans

OK, do I get ‘pun’ of the year’? At last, the kitchen makeover is almost complete. The floor was completed yesterday and all we’re waiting for now, is the splashback behind the hob, and the swishy red window-sills.

Kitchens, Arks and Takeaways!

The Kitchen Makeover - Almost FinishedWe always knew today was going to be busy! It was the day we set aside for restocking the kitchen cupboards after emptying them last week in preparation for the kitchen makeover.In spite of the hard work by Anglia Interiors’s Grant, their kitchen installer, the job wasn’t quite completed by…

Let the Chaos Begin!

Sooooo last century! And so, this week sees the start of ‘kitchen chaos’ as it gets a well-deserved makeover. Stage 1 includes smashing the s*** out of all the tiling, together with the removal of two doors (to the dining room and utility room), to create an altogether more cleaner, more modern look. On Wednesday,…

Table Mountain

After last week’s disappointing mission to locate and purchase a replacement dining room table and chairs, as well as look for ideas for the kitchen makeover - today could only be described as ‘mission accomplished’. We drove up to Downtown near Grantham, for a look round their furniture department, and discovered they had mountains of…

The Perfect Equation!?

Phew! The perfect equation!? David + Me + 29 x 90 litre bags of Bark Chippings = Weed-free front garden and a happy Wife! Cheers for your help David!

Table Where?

Fabric Display at John Lewis MK - is it me, or do they look slightly creepy?It was a rather disappointing day today. We set off for MK in search of ideas for a replacement dining-room table and also to pick-up some ideas for colours for the planned refresh of the dining-room. First stop was the…

HSL Project – Completed

The HSL (Hall, Stairs and Landing) Project is now completed, and here are some before and after photographs.The Old… Strip away! The New…      Sorted!

HSL Project – Friday

Fifteen rolls of wallpaper, more white paint than you can shake a brush at, plus 47 tea-bags later, Honor and Karen from Paint-Pals are 99% finished. Everything looks fab and once the radiators, lights and alarm panel are re-fitted next week, we’ll be totally sorted! Some ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots next week. Nice one ladies…

HSL Project – Wednesday

Apart from Monday, where, due to my enthusiasm for getting all the ‘little’ pre-jobs sorted, I had decorators, electricians and plumbers literally tripping over each other, the re-decoration of the Hall, Stairs and Landing is back on track and going well. Honor and Karen from Paint Pals are doing a fab job with most of…

HSL Project – Monday

This week sees the Hall, Stairs and Landing getting a major makeover. In order to ensure the most professional of results, I’m NOT going anywhere near the wallpaper, paint, electrics or plumbing - I tend to play to my strengths, so I’m looking after teas and coffees!