Play: The Vicar of Dibley!

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In aid of Comic Relief, we drove over to Rothwell Methodist Church to see their production of the iconic ‘The Vicar of Dibley’.

Rothwell Methodist Players were the stars of the evening – all local ‘Rowellians’ including Andrew Farrington, the resident Vicar who also produced and directed things. As the curtain went up at 7.30 it was immediately obvious that all the players were, like us, fans of the hit TV series.

The Players recreated the roles of the iconic characters – Geraldine, Jim, David, Hugo, Frank, Letitia, Owen and of course, Alice – perfectly. For me, especially Rachel Haynes who, as Alice, gave us a spookily accurate portrayal!

It was a packed house, with almost 100 of us crammed into the Church (capacity 105!). Overall, considering it was a one-off amateur production, they punched well above their weight, and the whole thing was a joy from beginning to end! πŸ‘πŸ˜

Sadly (and unusually) we didn’t win anything in the raffle, but it didn’t dampen our appreciation for tonight’s production.

“No, no, no… yes”. Well done everyone!πŸ‘

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