Last of the Red Hot Lovers

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LotRHL We drove over to Stratford to see Second Thoughts production of ‘The Last of the Red Hot Lovers’.

I picked Ann up from the station at just after 6 and we got there at just after 7. Ann was hungry, so picked up some chips. Yum-yum! – then I remembered that I was supposed to have given up chips for Lent. Bugger! I’d been doing so well up until that point! I guess it’s another example of Man being tempted by the desires of a Woman!!! 🙂

The Play was very well supported – hardly an empty seat in the house – and what a performance! It was very good great excellent easily the best we’ve ever seen by an amateur group.

We left as soon as the Play had finished – 9.50 – but not before picking up our raffle-prize of another banned substance – chocolate!

It was a long journey home because the A14 was shut for major road works. We had to detour to the M1 and that added significantly to the journey time so we weren’t home until 11.30.

..and then straight to bed as we’ve an early start tomorrow!

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