Lunchtime Fill at The Mill!

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A welcome return to one of our favourite eateries today – The Saxon Mill in Warwick! 😉

This time it was to meet up with good friends Ian & Ann and Alan & Mags. The Mill has become a regular meeting point for the six of us. Our journey THERE was trouble-free considering it looks like they’re completely rebuilding parts of the A45 near Coventry (complete with a flyover!). Looking at the opposite carriageway though – and the volume of traffic – we decided that we’d find an alternative route home! 🤔

Last time Ann & I were here was back in July, 2021 when we met Alan & Mags (and where the service was unusually below par); before that, was in March, 2020, with all six of us – where service was its usual top-notch self!

A slightly revised menu since we were last here

Although it was a fine, dry day, we ate inside. Although it was quiet when we arrived, it soon filled up! Around halfway through our meal, both floors were pretty-much at capacity – and there were even some brave souls eating outside! Clearly, they’re getting a lot right here! (but not quite everything – see later).

I’m pleased to report that the service and the food was as good as we remember it, although bizarrely, for one of our party, the menu not showing which dishes were gluten-free was a bit of a pain!

We ate, we laughed, and we put the world to rights too! – it was great to catch up after all this time and we’ve already planned our next get-together for Monday, 20th June at The George at Great Oxendon. 👍

Our decision to take an alternative route home via Rugby proved a sound move, and we sailed home in record time. in spite of Friday afternoon traffic! 😀

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