Pre-Christmas Nibbles

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We spent the morning tidying-up the house in preparation for our Christmas visitors. This year, we have Lee staying with us until after the Christmas period, up to Denis’ for our Christmas Eve meal with him and Bev. Then it’s just us three for Christmas Day with Roger, Jane and Oliver joining us for Boxing Day and finally Nicki and (hopefully) Richard for the 27th.

After we finished cleaning, we popped round to Sean’s to dig up the last of his potatoes before heading off to Lee’s to pick her up.

In the afternoon, David, Valerie, Delyth and little Evie dropped-by for a chat and a cuppa (and the obligatory slice of cake!). Not sure what little Evie made of me as she seemed to spend most of her time crying every time I attempted to speak to her (still got it! NOT!)
Sad smile
With Evie still not looking like she benefited from my sparkling wit and humorous asides, we said a neighbourly goodbye and that left just  a short pause, before Ann dived into the kitchen – preparing nibbles for this evening. 

As has become a bit of tradition, Jo and Janet dropped-in for pre-Christmas munchies and a Christmas film. Last year we watched A Christmas Carol, starring Alastair Sim, this time round, it was that old classic: It’s a Wonderful Life with James Stewart.

It's a Wonderful Life

Ann, as usual, ‘did the business’ with the food…


…whilst Jo brought up a couple of interesting Gins – one even contained Frankincense and Myrrh! How appropriate!

…and I just enjoyed the results!
Stuffed and (ever-so-slightly) sozzled by around 10pm, we called it a day!
Confused smile
We’re all set for Christmas now!

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