Holiday in Oman – Day 2

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We slept well and woke at around 8am. Must have been the alcohol. πŸ™‚

After some techy faffing-around with the NetBook and my mobile phone, we were ready for breakfast around 9.30. I couldn’t solve the techy issues – emails out were unreliable – sometimes they go, sometimes they don’t. Unlike Dubai where I couldn’t reply to any texts, SMS seems to be OK here. The mobile service provider is Oman Mobile and it’s the only option for both O2 and Vodafone but strangely, I can get a signal on O2 but not on Vodafone.

Back to the holiday…

10.15am. The breakfast selection was excellent – equal to, possibly even better than, the selection in our hotel in Dubai. 

10.30am. Time to ‘lizard’ on the beach. The weather was beautiful. We stayed there until 1.00pm and then Ann went to the Gym (I couldn’t go because my trainers fell apart at the previous hotel – any excuse!!!).

The view to the right from the beach
The view to the left from the beach

I stayed in the room talking to Vodafone support trying to work out why I’d lost my mobile signal on the NetBook whilst my Mobile signal with O2 was perfect. I was told it was something to do with ‘data being purged’ and the only way to sort it was to remove the sim card and insert it into a Vodafone phone. No chance, as I don’t have one here. Still, I tried it in my O2 phone and it certainly re-registered and ‘re-purged’ the phone …but it still wouldn’t connect when I put it back in the NetBook. I give up!!! …it must be something to do with the roaming agreement – anyway, I’m on holiday!!!

2.45pm. Time for a snooze!

5.15pm. We got ready to choose somewhere to eat. We decided to go to ‘Al Tanoor’ for 7.00pm – they specialised in Middle-Eastern cuisine. Tonight was an open buffet, and we sat outside, looking towards the gazebos where we had sat the previous night. A very pleasant evening, temperature-wise – low 20s. What a selection of food! Ann thought the lamb was the best she had ever tasted. I think we tried a bit of everything – and everything was fantastic!!

Al Tanoor Buffet - Yum Yum!
The Piano Bar

9.00pm. After feeling truly stuffed, we headed for the Piano Bar. Ann had a Port, I had an alcoholic hot chocolate (hic). We stayed there for about 30 minutes and then walked strolled staggered zig-zagged back to our room – but not before taking a few more night shots.

Night shot

We’re going on a half-day tour tomorrow.

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