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Yes, it’s that time of year, where we start to think about replacing the TV.

But first, a short history lesson…

The last of our CRT TVs – the Toshiba – it took three of us to lift it!

Our First Plasma (April 2007) – The Panasonic 42 inch (TH42PX70)

Our Second Plasma (June 2010) – The Panasonic 46 inch (TX46P20B)

Samsung TV UE46F800
Our first LED TV (May 2014) – The Samsung 46 inch UE46F8000

Samsung UE49K9000
Our new LED TV (January 2017) – The Samsung 49 inch ‘4K’ UE49K9000

Technology waits for  no-one – even for tech-heads like me!

So this is our first 4K TV. In English this means it has four-times the picture detail of an HD Telly. OK, nothing from the main terrestrial broadcasters is in 4k yet, but the BBC are trialling it via iPlayer with some gorgeous footage of the recent Earth 2 series and Amazon and Netflix are already showing off the technology via their streaming TV service showcasing their big programmes. Additional, Sky is remastering some of their blockbuster films for download (at around 15Gb!!).

If I thought getting my head round the workings of our PREVIOUS TV was challenging, you should see this one!

…and even though it’s the same make as our previous TV, so much has changed! Pass the aspirin and my reading glasses!
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