£1-a-Day (2016)

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Well, here we go again! David and I are doing our charity ‘thing’ again this year – starting tomorrow – and living on just £1 a day for food and drink until next Sunday. It’s great way for me to lose a bit of weight and also do something for a good cause. This is now the third year – and starting last year, we set up a donations page to make it more of a meaningful event. For 2016, we are supporting the Salvation Army

We did the shopping at Aldi on Friday, as planned, and were pleasantly surprised when we compared prices against the same event last year. With the exception of potatoes, everything had gone down in price! We’ve treated ourselves to two packets of biscuits as a treat (we can afford it!) to help with the tummy rumbles between meals!

The constant challenge when buying the raw materials is to attempt to buy some foodstuffs in sufficiently small quantities. This is out third year doing this and we’ve always found that it’s impossible to buy tea-bags and milk in small enough ‘portions’ –  else we get close to blowing the budget. Our workaround is to work out how much we actually use – and a unit price – and take it from normal household stock. So that’s 1p per teabag and 50p’s worth of milk!

Looking at the above, it’s hardly a well-balanced diet, but I simply don’t think it’s possible to have three meals a day on just £1 AND ensure it’s all nutritious. I’ll be happy to hear from anyone who can suggest how we might make these seven days (even) more healthy! And before you ask, buying raw fruit and veg and ‘making it all from scratch’, sounds like a smart move, but I think the result would be expensive …and boring!

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So, here we are, just 24 hours before we start this year. Wish us luck!

The Assembly Line!

..and if you are feeling generous, you can donate HERE or just click on the button below…

Thank you!!!

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