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An early start this morning, as it was over to Mags’ to sort out her PC, helping her to switch email providers from Virgin to Microsoft. She was also waving goodbye to the ageing Windows Live Mail and moving to the sparkly new Windows 10 Mail.

Luckily, Mags had been able to do quite a bit of the preparation beforehand by pruning her existing data, so it was more of a case of me ensuring all the right files were in all the right places! A great start in that all the account data behaved itself and it synced first time with its cloud equivalent.

It was all going pretty smoothly until I tried to import Mags’ ‘old’ address book – the exported file, when imported into the People App refused to ‘see’ any of her email addresses, even though all the other people details were clearly visible. A bit of head-scratching and a bit experimenting resulted in me renaming the offending Excel csv header and we were sorted!

In just inside three hours, everything was up and running! I think that’s a personal best!
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