Christmas 2013

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Mum arrived on Christmas Eve (she’s here until Saturday) and Lee had stayed over from the weekend. So, this year was about a close as it gets to a family Christmas.


With all the pressies under the tree and the three-bird-roast awaiting its fate, we were all set. Lee and Mum were in fine form – and more particularly, Mum’s health and general state-of-mind seemed to be surprisingly good given all the recent scares and phone-calls.

First job of the day: present-opening time! The best part!!!

Mum: Cash
Denis: A case (!!!) of alcoholic ginger beer
Bev: A bottle of Bailey’s
Roger, Jane and Oliver: DVDs – ‘Pacific Rim’, ‘The 13th Floor’ and ‘World’s End’
Book: Doctor Who 50th – Essential Guide,
Book: Doctor Who – Life and Times
Jo and Janet: Grooming Set
Carol: Bottle of Vintage Port
Lee: Cash and Brown Shoes
Nicki: Book: 50 Years of Doctor Who Assistants, DVDs –  ‘Journey to the Far Side of the Sun’ and ‘Existenz’
CDs: Carpenters – ‘Close to You’, ‘A Song for You’, ‘Carpenters’ and ‘Now and Then’

Ann to me:
DVDs – ‘Now You See Me’, ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’
Book: Doctor Who – The Vault
Pair of ‘Jam2’ portable Bluetooth speakers

Ann pressies from me:
Matt year Book
Jam Thermometer
Cooking Thermometer
Tom Kerridge Cook Book
Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds


The three-bird surrendered without a fight and cooked beautifully. By 12.30 we were sitting down to a festive feast – and then some! Mum ate like there was no tomorrow, and even Lee tucked-in to more than she normally would!

Two hours later, we were all uncomfortably full, so Ann and I decided to take a short walk round the estate. The weather was quite sunny, but not particularly warm (at least no snow!)

With the obligatory walk over and now feeling smug, we sat down in front of the TV – and that’s where we stayed. As past year, it was ‘Strictly’, ‘Call the Midwife’ and ‘EastEnders’ (I’ve recorded Doctor Who, so I can watch it in peace, when the house is a little quieter!).

By 8pm, Mum was flagging and she headed for bed – we three stayed up until 10.30 (late for us two!) and then we hit the sack.

Boxing Day
Roger, Jane and Oliver joined us for a left-over lunch (cunningly disguised as a buffet). Ann also slipped into domestic goddess mode (minus the drugs) and created a massive trifle just in case we weren’t full enough! Yummy!!!

Mum’s with us for a few more days – returning Saturday.

Christmas Past

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