The Mexican and a Tablet

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After our disastrous visit to the new Turkish restaurant with Paul and Sue back in April, we decided to play it safe and cook it all ourselves this time!
Paul and Sue came to ours, and with me in charge of the kitchen (a rare event in itself!), ‘Mexican’ was the menu of choice! Even the Sun came out so we were at least able to have drinks in the garden before ploughing through the menu in the dining room.

Looking at all the empty plates, it all seemed to go down very well –  and in spite of the hearty appetites, there’s enough chilli left over for about another fortnight! (but that’s more about my inability to judge the quantity of ingredients than anything else!)
After the meal, we sat and chatted for a while and then Sue showed us her new toy – her rather splendid ‘Galaxy Note Tablet’. Good food and good tech in the same evening – wow I was in heaven!!!
Winking smile
After a quick techy-session and having drooled over the tablet for far too  long, we said our goodbyes around 10.15 where Paul and Sue headed home trying out Google Maps for the very first time. It was great evening, but like all great events, it was over too quickly!
Cheers you two – it was brilliant to see you both …and the Tablet too!

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