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We love our TV, and more especially, all the ‘stuff’ that the ‘Sky-Gods’ provide – the excellent sky-box (that consistently wins all the design awards when pitched against everyone else’s), the mobile app, and the ability to set-the-box using my phone – these all make watching our fave programmes a breeze. 

Something we’ve got very used to over the years is the channel listings – the EPG – and how it’s all laid out. It was a bit boring to look at, but it did its job well. When we upgraded to HD, there was a nice new ‘mini-window’ at the top that meant we didn’t have to stop watching our programme whilst we channel-hopped. Nice! 😁

epg_new new

So, imagine my surprise, when I switched on the TV yesterday to find that a major update had occurred overnight. The update wasn’t subtle: the screen-banner was now a much richer blue – and semi-transparent, and there were also more channels per ‘page’ than before (eight now instead of six).

Apparently, Sky started rolling out the update at the end of May. There doesn’t appear to be a way of working out who-gets-it-when – but I guess there’s a ‘plan’, somewhere!

Other changes I noticed: I like the new font (it’s a bit more curvy), and colour-wise, yellow on blue has always been a good choice for contrast and emphasis (I think the old highlight colour was orange). It’s early days yet, and I’m sure there’s a lot more to learn abut it, but it does seem to be a bit faster when choosing ‘Anytime+’ and surfing through channels is definitely crisper  – so it’s all good!

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