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whoosh I love speed, especially if its internet connection speed! 🙂

Those of us here in Tynan Close know what it’s like to NOT have a fast connection. Most of us are languishing at around 0.5-1.5 Mb – and that’s after fourteen years and three upgrades at the Exchange later!

From what I’ve read, there’s not much chance of things improving and because there’s no possibility of cable either, we’re kind of stuck in the ‘dark-ages’.

So, having carried out some tests yesterday at Lee’s new place in Avondale Mews on her PC using her shiny new internet connection, I wasn’t too surprised to find that her PC was max-ing out at around 0.7Mb.

Having been back there today to finish off a few other jobs, I thought I’d do some more tests. Imagine my surprise when downloading a few sample files, to discover that the speed was now instantly four times as fast as Tynan Close – later, it was six times as fast – nearer 800 kb/s, which I think equates to about a 9Mb connection!!

Wow, she must have one the fastest non-cable connections in Kettering!!!

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