Meal with Mick and Jane

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Benefield Wheatsheaf

We met up with Mick and Jane at the Benefield Wheatsheaf. Spookily, we saw them here last year back in April too,

When we went there last year, the place was very quiet, but this time, the car-park was packed. Going through the entrance door to the Bar area, I was slightly disorientated as they’d had a minor facelift and repositioned the Bar a little further round the corner. Mick and Jane were already there and we soon settled down studying the menu.

The service was swift, and the Waiter even offered us the alternative of a small private area (that only had three cover in it) as the main area had a big crowd in, who were quite noisy. Trouble was, that the private area contained a couple with a screaming-sprog in it!!! Decisions decisions!

The Waiter also heard that it had been Ann’s and Jane’s Birthday (which he interpreted as ‘very recent’) and offered the girls a glass of champagne, on-the-house. Nice!

We opted for the sprog-area and as it turned out, it was mostly noise-free.

Once seated, the serviced was very efficient – we all had a starters, mains and a dessert – even Mick, who’s not a pudding-person. We skipped coffee.

It was great to see Jane and Mick again and we’re planning to do it all again in September. The last four times have coincidentally all been at venues with ‘wheatsheaf’ in the name, so we’re going somewhere different next time!!!

We got home around 10.25 after ignoring the sat-nav and relying on Ann’s homing-pigeon like talents!!!!

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