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image It’s that time again and we’re off for a meal with David and Val. This time, we’re going to try out the Collyweston Slater in err, Collyweston.

The table was booked for 8pm, so we left around 7.30 to give us a none-too-hurried journey there.

On arrival, the bar area was already very busy and the restaurant was half-full. Service was a bit slow, but after ordering our drinks we were shown to our table.

The menu had some attractive items on it, but all-in-all it was a bit limited and David had trouble finding a starter to his liking. Some of the main courses consisted of unusual combinations such as Beef with Cottage Pie (that’s not beef IN the Cottage Pie, but beef ALONGSIDE the Pie – weird!). After a bit of a wait, our orders were taken and the food eventually arrived – the food was delicious, (the beef and the cottage pie were the best I’d ever tasted) but boy, were the portions small!! Presentation-wise, it all looked beautiful.

Size and unusualness continued into the desserts and we were intrigued by the first item on the menu: ‘Tonka bean creme brulee with bee pollen and cola sherbert’ – poncy or what! 🙂 I had plum crumble!!! I think that perhaps illustrates the difference between those from Kettering and those from Collyweston – OK yah!

So, all-in-all, it was an OK atmosphere with great tasting food, although the menu in places, was too fussy for us Ketteringites. The place was well supported but it felt a little under-staffed with just one person at the bar and one serving in the restaurant. The prices were a bit expensive in our experience (even though the food was good).

It would be good to return there and try out some of the other stuff on the menu, but it’s not at the top of our list.

We had a good journey back, but because of the longer distance than normal, we didn’t get back until after 10.30 – we’re straight to bed!

Any comments?