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Went to Bicester today for some retail therapy and to meet up with Nicki. An ‘interesting’ journey as the main road to Bicester was closed due to the British Grand Prix being held at Silverston. Spent a fortune though! I forced myself to buy NINE shirts and a jacket…and I think Ann did better than me!!!

Then we went to see Ian’s play (he was directing) ‘Home’ in Stratford-upon-Avon. But we managed to run into (not literally) a massive traffic jam on the M40 on the way from Bicester which meant we might not make it all. Talk about close! – we got there with about 30 seconds to spare!

The Play was performed outside and given recent weather here, everyone, I think everyone must have been praying for dry weather. Yes! everyone’s prayers were answered – what a beautiful evening, (but we went prepared with coats and umbrellas anyway).

Unluckily though, we didn’t understand the theme of the Play and left at half-time. It was very strange..a comedy where we didn’t laugh at all. It was certainly very well acted but we just didn’t get it…a bit too ‘high-brow’ for us, I think!

Sorry Ian…

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