TV: Being Human (Series 2)

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Series 2 started last week and I quickly caught up with episode 1, courtesy of SkyPlus, over the weekend. What did I think? Well, surprisingly, I didn’t enjoy it at all. The acting was fine, as usual, but structurally, the story was all over the place and there just seemed to be too many characters. I thought the idea of any series 2, episode 1, was to attract new viewers and ensure the existing ones get more of what they liked.

I think existing fans of the show would have just about tolerated it, as I did, but new viewers, attracted by all the hype, word-of-mouth and the BBC dedicated blog, I’m sure, would have concluded, it was a mess!

I didn’t think the werewolf CGI was particularly good either and I wondered about the wisdom of changing Annie’s character, so she can now be seen by everyone else (as a ghost, in series 1she was invisible).

A very disappointing and confusing episode!

Scene from episode 1...

So with some hesitation, I watched episode 2 today. Phew, what a relief, the whole thing now seems to be back on track. Toby Whithouse, the Producer, has promised a darker storyline, and I can see what he meant – the whole Annie-boyfriend sub-plot was very intriguing and quite a surprise to see the role Terry Wogan played! 

There were plenty of comedic touches too, to balance the overall theme –Annie’s role as a newby-barmaid for instance. So, all-in-all, plenty of fine acting from the lead and support casts – I can’t wait to see how episode 3 turns out…

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