Final Shopping Expedition of 2009..?

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The Xmas Tree in Leicester, 2009 Ouch! I’ve woken up with a really stiff neck this morning – not sure how I’ve got that.

We’re off shopping to Leicester to get any last minute bits-and-pieces. There isn’t much left to do and I’ve also got 50 quids worth of M and S vouchers from Lee and Bertie to squander – lovely!!!

We parked in Highcross and it was already getting busy when we arrived at 11am. We started off looking around various jewellers primarily to find something for Ann as a celebration of 25 years together – Ann had sorted me out with a new watch a few weeks back. Initially, we didn’t see very much that we liked, and we disappointed that having walked all the way over to where Ann’s office is and more jewellers – they were all closed!

So, we headed back, stopped off at the Muffin Place for a coffee, a slice of cake and to experience possibly the happiest person in the UK currently – the proprietor – wishing everyone a happy Christmas and an enjoyable day!!!

We popped into M and S where I spent the vouchers on a couple of shirts and a stripy tie. Ann also picked up some shoes for work and some fluffy slippers.

I tried John Lewis to see if they stocked these headphones that have an FM aerial built-in them (so I can listen to the radio  on my new phone), but the guy reckoned the item was a ‘bit specialist’ and suggested I tried Google for stockists.

Last stop, and we ended up back at Goldsmith’s where Ann spotted some very nice jewellery – the helpful assistant, Laura, was very knowledgeable and agreed to order some additional stone variations in for us to go back and have a look at next Saturday.

We were home by 2.15. Time for feet up and a read of the today’s papers.

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