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Those that know me, know that I don’t ‘do’ illness – it’s such a waste of time!
Well, I’ve picked up bug sometime in the past week that has now absolutely crippled me! I’ve got a cough that sounds like I’m on 50 Navy Cut a day; aches and pains all over – arms, legs, head, ears and teeth – and if that’s not enough, last night I had the worst night’s sleep I’ve think I’ve ever had. My head feels like someone has filled it with cotton wool and I’m running a temperature that alternates with the shivers! That croaky voice yesterday was obviously the first sign, but what’s caught me out is that it all seems to have developed so quickly – this time yesterday, I was fine, today I feel worse that awful.
Sick smile

Spookily, Ann seems to have caught the same bug – and we’ve been apart for four days!

None of this is particularly good timing as we have Roger’s 50th Birthday celebration this weekend in London, and we’ve been really looking forward to it – Currently I just want to go to sleep!

I’ve painted a big ‘X’ on the front door to keep people way!

Any comments?