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No! Absolutely not!!! But whatever it is, I’ve got it!

Normally, I can shake off a cold quicker than you can say ‘paracetemol’, but this one is proving really difficult to shift. It started last week with just a tickly throat and there were no associated aches and pains with only a short period where I ran a temperature. I did all the right stuff – drank plenty and took a few tablets, so, ‘good’ I thought, ‘it’s sorted’ – only to find that a day later, I began to lose my voice.

As a result, we had to cancel a number of social events – and that made me feel even worse!

For the days that followed, I was croaking away like like Mr Toad. If that wasn’t enough, I wasn’t sleeping too well either – a perfect combination for being grouchy and croaky at the same time! I’m not a nice person to be around when I’m ill!

The bug’s timing was perfect (NOT!!!) as I was in the middle of designing some new training materials and also trying to plan my speech for a largish presentation this Friday coming.

Motivated? errr, no!

After a serious coughing fit in the middle of the night and popping a few sinus tablets, today was the first day for a while, where I felt it might be on its way out.

My nose still feels like someone’s filled it with cement, and my voice would be a good competitor to Barry White’s, but at least I feel more motivated to do some work.

I HATE being ill – it’s such a waste of time!!!

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