Learning Network Group Meeting

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We all met at the excellent Royal Festival Hall today for our final meeting of 2009. Rick took us through his experiences of measuring leadership performance through the use of a comprehensive questionnaire – the whole thing was fascinating and useful in equal measures.

The small turnout of Lydia, Antoinette, Sharon, Angela and Jan, plus Rick and me was more than made up for by the interest shown by us all. The venue was good too as we were able to tuck ourselves away upstairs in one of the public areas – perfect! 

We finished around lunchtime and decided to eat at the nearby Pizza Express. Coincidentally, we ended up being seated in exactly the same spot as the time when Ann and I went there, back in September, 2007 – what an coincidence! As last time, the service and food was excellent.

After lunch, we went our separate ways and Rick dropped me off at St Pancras. I missed the 3 o’clock by a whisper, and settled for the 3.30. It’s been a great day and good to catch-up with many of my closest training colleagues and friends.

Home by 4.45 – feet-up and do b*****-all for the rest of the evening!

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