TV: Doctor Who – The Waters of Mars

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BBC One, 7pm. David Tennant makes his penultimate appearance at the Doctor in this darker-than-normal episode (his final appearance will be during the two-parter showing over the Christmas period.)

Also starring the ever-reliable and versatile actress, Lindsay Duncan, the 60 minute episode centres around the Doctor’s visit to Bowie Base One on Mars in 2059.

The verdict? For me, the simply the best episode so far, with the final fifteen minutes being real ‘edge-of-the-seat’ stuff.

If that wasn’t enough, the closing scenes, where an unusually arrogant Doctor takes control of the time-line, to save the day, only to find the outcome remains the same, was moving stuff.

DT’s performance was simply outstanding, especially at the end, where he moved seamlessly through emotionally extremes with ease. As many have said, he was born for the part.

Add to all this, references to the Ice Warriors, a Dalek and the final scenes featuring a lone Ood was a great touch.

Wow! Doctor Who at its very, very best!!

PS The excerpt for the Christmas special looks great – the Master returns!!


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