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ccex We drove to Cambridge Corn Exchange with David and Val to see “I’m Sorry I’ve Haven’t a Clue”.

It was an excellent production and whilst the bucket-load of corny jokes wouldn’t suit everyone – it suited me! – I haven’t laughed so much in ages (it hurt!). Being slightly cynical, I thought the thing would be over-scripted, but it was clear that although there was clearly an overall framework, the comedians ad-libbed a lot of the time – and that made it even more fun. It was one of those events where you want to remember all the funnies because you want to tell others – but that was impossible, as there were so many! Try this one:

A woman is walking past a pet-shop when she sees a rather attractive parrot in the window. She goes inside and asks the price. The shop-owner says that it’s “It’s only £20 because the parrot used to live in a brothel. We think we’ve tamed his language, but it’s a bit of a risk”.

The woman decides that it’s an opportunity too good to miss and parts with her cash and takes the parrot home.

Once home, she puts the caged parrot in the lounge and takes the sheet off the cage. The parrot springs in to life:

“Squawk…nice house…nice house…”

She then calls to her daughter to come and see the parrot.

“Squawk…nice daughter…nice daughter…”

Finally, she’s calls her husband: “Come and see what I’ve bought…”

As he enters the room, the parrot says:

“Squawk….hello again Keith!”


A brilliant evening – we haven’t laughed so much in ages!!

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