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We headed off in the direction of Kettering’s Lighthouse Theatre this afternoon to see ‘Legally Blonde’ (based on the 2001 film of the same name, that starred Reese Witherspoon). It wouldn’t be my first choice of theatre entertainment, but with six women – Ann, Jo, Janet, Carol, Helen and Chris and just me along for the ride, I was happy to be outnumbered! 😍

Apparently, fans of the original film have a ‘thing’ about the Chihuahua!

I saw the above notice on the Theatre’s website – that’s a first for me… Not sure anything about the Lighthouse is formal as it’s just not that kind of place. 🤔. Apparently, it was aimed at those on the autistic spectrum, and in my book, that’s a nice touch. 👏

We were ‘up in the Gods’ and it gave us a great view of the stage.

Showing off my working hand! 👍

2.30pm: Curtain up! First, I should say that we learned that this was an amateur production, so we weren’t expecting West End/Kilworth Theatre standards. The show had been on for about a week and had received rave reviews – so what could possibly go wrong?

On a positive note: great sets, comfy seats and plenty of legroom! 😀. And it’s great to support a local cause, isn’t it! The performers were clearly having the time of their lives… the trouble was, for us, that feeling remained on the stage! 😮. The only exception was the lead actress who had a very pleasant voice and carried the part well – the trouble was, she was outnumbered! 😒

I’d love to say: “It was so bad, it was good”. Sadly, not this performance! With the majority of the female voices specialising in the ‘screech owl’ style; some actors who simply couldn’t sing; painful harmonies; the incoherent plot and poorly choreographed dance routines, it was a performance to remember – for all the wrong reasons! The only saving grace was the ‘ahh factor’ in the shape of the two dogs who made brief appearances before and after the interval. I recall the original film being quite amusing, but there was nothing here for me to raise a smile 😒. We swapped notes at the interval, and our dropped-jaws were similarly synchronised!

Clearly, those in the Stalls were watching a different show and ‘whoop-whooped’ their way through it all. It must be my age, but I’m sorry to say it was the worst amateur production since the early 70s, where my Bottom was the talk of the sixth form during the School’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream.

…but that’s another scandal story! 🤔

Generally, I always enjoy amateur productions and I really was looking forward to this one! But it wasn’t meant to be – so excruciatingly awful, I think I’m going to need counselling. This performance has a famous line: “Oh, my God, you guys!”

…my feelings exactly! 😬 I’m off for a lie-down – I may be some time!

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