Pantomime (Adults Only!)

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Off to the local Lighthouse Theatre to see the ‘adult’ Panto: Jack and the Beanstalk! We’ve not been to an ‘adult’ Panto before, and this one promised that it was ‘very rude’, ‘full of innuendo’ and with ‘plenty of audience participation’! πŸ€”.

With the ‘audience participation’ part ringing VERY uncomfortably in our ears, we realised we were prime targets, with seats near the front, in ROW B!! That immediately sounded postiviely dangerous until we spotted we were actually seated in the CIRCLE! Phew! πŸ˜‚.

We were soon seated – looking for places to hide, should we need to! Just take a look at that official blurb above for tonight’s performance… 😲. This was either going to be a memorable evening…or a car crash. It was also my first ‘official’ social event without my recent recent companion – the splint on my left arm – where I was hoping that the sign of that alone would dissuade ANY of the cast thinking I was a target for participation!

We’ll see! Eeek! πŸ˜•


Well, judging by how many people were already there when we arrived- a big YES! On taking our seats in the Circle, it was clearly a full-house. In a first from my experience of this Theatre, prior to curtain-up, there was an announcement for everyone to vote by DM on Facebook to vote for which member of the cast should be nominated to get drunk during the performance!

The Royal Opera House this WASN’T! 😲.

So far, all the signs were that this would turn out to be the sort of production that Ann and I would hate… but do you know what – as things turned out, it was one of the funniest evenings we’ve had at the theatre for ages (probably EVER!). All the essential Panto ingredients were there – cheeky lead, multi-talented Dame, Fairy Godmother (sort of!) the obligatory Panto Cow, plenty of song & dance etc etc. And once we got over the shock of the VERY obscene language (it took me a while!) and the threat of audience participation ( I think the ‘member of the audience’ chosen to have eggs rubbed in her hair was a ‘plant’) – it felt all very traditional! The audience was onside from the off, which clearly helped, and the three-hour production passed in a flash. Best of all, the cast looked like they were having the time of their lives. The frequent ‘corpsing’ and ad-libbing was a testament to that!

Would we go and see future productions (I think their next one is ‘Aladdin’) – a definite yes – but it’s probably NOT one suitable for your Granny! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

Well done to everyone who made tonight such a treat! You can read more about them – ‘Pissed-up Panto’ – HERE (Facebook)

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