“We’re at the Theatre Dahling!” – Carousel

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Here we are at Kilworth House Theatre with Jo, Janet & Carol for the theatre’s latest production – Rodger’s & Hammerstein’s Carousel! (the pair’s second collaboration from 1945). For those that haven’t heard of this Theatre, it’s local (ish), located in the grounds of next-door Kilworth House Hotel in leafy Leicestershire. Over the years, we’ve seen quite a few of their musicals there, and they’re always nothing less than West End standard!

Anyway, who wants to travel all the way to London by train, and then by Tube, fighting the crowds and experiencing London prices, when Kilworth is pretty much on our doorstep??? 👍👍

I wasn’t as familiar with many of the tunes for Carousel as perhaps other musicals I’ve been to here. But there is one exception of course – a biggie – a song that pretty much everyone has heard of (and probably sung or hummed along to at some point in their life) “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Actually, less a song more an anthem! 🤔. There was also “June is Bustin’ out all Over” – I’d heard of that one too, but that was about it!

The production values were as high as ever and so was the singing, whether it was a solo performance or in a group. As usual for Kilworth, it was well supported. Pretty much a full house, apart from a few empty rows behind us. 👍

All-in-all then, an enjoyable performance, but maybe not one of my favourites because of my unfamiliarity with the tunes and the somewhat depressing storyline. 😟😟

It’s a long run, beginning on 24th May (finishing on the 3rd July 2022). We saw the matinée that began at 2.30 and with the short (20 minute?) the curtain came down just after 5.15pm. The tickets were £45 each.

Now we just need to get out of the car park (which took us longer than expected because we were parked along the back row!)

Note to self: don’t park along the back row next time! 🤔

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