Tolethorpe Hall – The Tempest

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We went to Tolethorpe Hall tonight to see The Tempest and we planned to see Chris and Pete M there too.

The weather has been a little unpredictable this week (ahh, the irony…weather…tempest…geddit!?), so rather than risk a picnic, we ate at The George Hotel, Stamford. Janet picked us up at 5.15 and together with Jo and Carol, all in the same car, the five of us headed for Stamford.

We had a great meal – the food was well above average and the service too. We left about 7.30 for the short-ish journey to Tolethorpe Hall.


We left on time and had a trouble-free journey to Stamford. On arrival, the car-park was as normal, pretty busy, but we managed to get a space right by the steps to the exit – perfect!


As we walked towards the entrance, that’s where we ran into Chris and Pete – perfect again! Ironically, the weather was looking really good, so maybe…maybe, we could have risked a picnic!


On arriving the car-park was almost full but Janet’s disabled badge, secured us a prime parking position.


As expected, it was a full-house – and rightly so, as the production turned out to be superb! From the fine acting; the excellent music quality; the brief pyrotechnics and the range of lighting effects, they were punching well above their weight as an amateur group – brilliant, brilliant, brilliant and brilliant!


The production lasted just over two-hours – -one hour for the first half, then an interval and then final half. The time flew by and although Tolethorpe Hall is known for its cold evenings and we had come well prepared – we needn’t have done so, as even at the end, the outside temperature was still just above 18 degrees.

We said our goodbyes and Chris pointed us to a quicker way out to the A1 cutting-out Stamford town centre. As a result, we think it chopped 15 minutes of the journey-time.

After Janet dropped us off, we headed for bed straightaway and ‘under the covers’ just before midnight.

What a great day – and the girls’ idea of choosing The George as a replacement for the picnic was inspired!

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