Dinner at ‘Thai Gardens’ with Paul and Sue

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It was good to catch up with Paul and Sue tonight. Coincidentally, I’d also been doing some work for Sue at a clients today too!

cookies082009We haven’t been to Thai Gardens in Rothwell for ages. In the past, one of the disappointing things was that it was always difficult to get our table on time – even when we’d booked, because the place was so busy. Thankfully, last night, it wasn’t a problem and we were seated by 7.30. 

We opted for the ‘no-brainer’ Imperial Banquet mainly because of its variety. I enjoyed the food, but Ann thought it was all a bit lack-lustre. The vegetable dish was about the spiciest thing I have ever eaten – and that caught me out as I gulped down a large helping – pass the fire extinguisher please! It looked so innocent, but on closer inspection, Ann pointed out the generous chunks of red and green raw chili (with their seeds in) lurking,  awaiting their prey! It didn’t seem to affect Paul though, who motored-through the rest of the helping with gusto. I suspect a night of interrupted sleep for him!

As always, it was great catching up. We had loads to chat about even though I’m seeing them both (Sue mostly) much more regularly in a work capacity now that we’re sharing work at a local-ish client.

We skipped dessert, but couldn’t resist opening the fortune cookies before we left. Ours made interesting reading….or perhaps they gave us someone else’s! 🙂

We got back about 10.30pm

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