TV: Torchwood – ‘Children of Earth’ (Episode 5 – Final episode)

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A great final episode to the series. It was full of some truly suspenseful moments as well as some very sad ones – Imagine the moral dilemma – you have to kill a young child to save the World. Difficult choice ehh? Now imagine that the child is your grandson! Surely the hardest decision ever?, but definitely the saddest ending ever to a Torchwood episode!

The scripting and acting has been superb throughout this short series (and to be honest, I thought it wouldn’t be – a bit like the previous two – over dramatic and cheesy!).

In my view, it has made a very successful jump to BBC1 without a problem – in fact, it felt like it had always belonged there! If future series are of this calibre, then I’m sure it’ll win over new audiences and continue to delight existing fans, like me.

Well done then the BBC for taking the risk in moving it to BBC1 and to run it over a five consecutive nights – both decisions being equally risky. Collectively, they paid off, judging by the viewing figures, with the show averaging 5 million viewers per episode.


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