TV: ‘Ashes to Ashes’ – Series 2, Episode 7

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This was a much darker episode than previous ones – and for me, that made it a more enjoyable and satisfying episode. The character of Martin Summers as a young PC (the character who seems to know all about Alex’s predicament) meeting-up with his older-self gave the episode plenty of dramatic potential. Shame then that the writers chose to have the older-self shoot the younger on first meeting! That’s bound to upset lots of of time-travel purists who’ll no doubt berate the writers and remind them that if the younger self has been shot, he can’t grow older, so there can be no older self to come back and shoot him – are you keeping up?

The other big surprise in this episode was the revelation that DC Chris Skelton had been ‘on the take’ and had removed some vital evidence.

All in all, a well crafted episode with just the right mix of cop-story (less of) and time-travel dilemma (more of). Some nice references to the new Docklands development in London.

Most intriguing moment: Alex picking up a card with a red rose on it – the hand-writing said – “We’re not done…” 

It’s the final episode next week and given the inconsistency of the episodes, I hope it goes out with a bang as there is a lot of loose ends to tie up.


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