Meal with David and Val

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We went back to Edwards Restaurant tonight with David and Val for our regular monthly meal. For the past few, we’ve been eating-in together, so it was nice to see Edwards again as the food is always superb – especially the chips (which I’ve given up for Lent!) 

We left a little earlier than normal – 6.30 – and took two cars because Val was going to have to leave part-way through to drive to Cardiff (for the Rugby tomorrow). Before leaving though we had time to quickly look at their new ceiling lights in their kitchen – nice job!!

Taking two cars made it an interesting journey. We weren’t 100% certain of the route so we chose to follow D and V. We commented after about 15 minutes into the journey that David was driving unusually fast – only to get a call from Val “Can you slow down please we can’t keep up!”. We’d actually been following the wrong Audi and had overtaken them a mile or so before!!!

On arrival, the restaurant was quite quiet and we sat downstairs and had some drinks. It soon started to fill-up though. Another example maybe, of quality shining through during a recession.

The meal was good although we were all disappointed with the side-order of chips – they looked thoroughly over-cooked. In fact, Ann didn’t touch hers and I just stared at them.

Val left about 9ish and as we watched her leave, the smell of burning filled the air! The reason? – Val had placed her napkin on the table and it caught the tea-light.

Within seconds, it burst into flames – much to the amusement (and concern) of our fellow diners.

I explained to the table next to us that we were volunteer firemen suffering withdrawal symptoms! We recounted that something similar had happened before when we visited the Wollaston Inn last October. The funny thing about it was that Val was completely unaware of what had happened.

We left at around 10pm (the place was the busiest we’d ever seen it by then) after telling them about the chips.

We were all tired when we got back about 10.30 (fire-fighting is a mentally and physically demanding job!) and went straight to bed!

An early start tomorrow for Lee and Bertie’s!

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