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Five have re-commissioned the iconic series ‘Minder’. This time round it stars Shane Richie (surely everyone’s natural choice for the part) as Archie Daley – nephew of Arthur, and unknown (to me) Lex Shrapnel as the cabbie-turned-minder, Jamie Cartwright.

It looks like a lot of the filming has been done around London and there are some familiar landmarks in the exterior scenes – The Gherkin, Tower Bridge and Battersea Power Station to name but  few.

There also been some clever ‘set’ shots to remind us of the original series – Archie with his hand across his chest looking at Archie, (as did George Cole in the original), Jamie holding up the bonnet of the cab (Like Denis Waterman holding up the bonnet of his Ford Capri) – all very subtle..and very clever.

It’s definitely got the feel of the original – the same love-hate relationship with the local Police – this time updated with a black woman on the receiving end of Archie’s activities.

There’s more information HERE on the Five website, and you can watch a preview of Episode 1  HERE

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