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Nicki drove up to see us. The plan was for us all to go shopping in Birmingham.

Although I’d slept well, I just kept coughing and spluttering from the moment I got up, so I stayed at home and the girls went to Leicester to ‘try-out’ the new John Lewis there.

I went (back to) to bed!

New Who for 2010 They’re going to announce who the new Doctor Who is going to be tonight on BBC1 at 17.35 – I think this announcement caught a few people out. Most of us weren’t expecting the announcement until later this year. I wonder if there has been a leak.

Matt Smith So, they chose ‘Matt Smith’ – someone I’d not heard of. Apparently, he’s the youngest Doctor ever cast – 26 years old! Wow! what a responsibility at such a young age!

Initial impressions around the web, seem to be mostly positive, although there is some negative comment concerning his age – and his looks – some referring to him as ‘ugly’. Poor sod…he hasn’t even even been seen in the part yet, and some are writing him off! 

As a 50-something, I really hope that the strategy is not to make series 5 too ‘teeny’. I’ve great faith in Moffat’s writing and I’m pretty sure that it’ll all work-out…but like many others, I want to see him act first using a Moffat script before I confirm myself as a fan!!!

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