Merlin – Final Episode, Series 1

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merlin_se1_e13 We caught up with the final episode on Sky-Plus tonight. I don’t think anyone could have predicted three-months ago that this new series was going to be as successful as it’s become.

Following-on in roughly the same time-slot on Saturday nights as the disappointing series of Robin Hood, this had a lot to do, to make its mark.

Thirteen episodes later and the series has done really well. I haven’t seen a bad review all season -and that’s unusual these days, where everyone’s a critic (including me!) A combination of well-known actors with a selection of unknown faces has maximised its appeal to a wide age-range and types of audience.

A second series has now been commissioned and it’ll be good to see how the characters develop. The only worry is that we have the next series of Robin Hood to sit-through – where they apparently kill-off the Sheriff and Robin Hood! – before we see Merlin and his spells again!

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